GoWise GW22621 Air Fryer Review

In this post I’ll go over GoWise’s best selling air fryer, the GW22621. We’ll go over why it has become one of the best sellers in the Amazon marketplace.


This is a very versatile air fryer and can handle one medium whole chicken and turn it into one of the juiciest you’ve ever had.

It also does a great job on frozen foods which children love like fries, corn dogs, nuggets, etc.
Maybe you’re like me and always trying to come up with what to feed their kids that they want but at the same time something healthy. We all know how kids like fried foods but also know that in the long run these types of foods will not be good for them. With the air fryer, I can at least rest easy knowing that what they’re eating is good for them. That and the fast prep time have me sold.

The GoWise air fryer also does a good job of grilling especially sandwiches for a quick snack or for unexpected company.


At 3.7 qt capacity, this air fryer is one of the medium szied ones available. This capacity can accommodate one whole medium chicken easily. If you need a bigger capacity air fryer, it is also available in a 5.8 qt capacity.

Food cooks fast, healthily and tasty and can cook for a medium sized family easily. Chickens comes out juicy and fries crispy outside and soft inside. Aside from frying it can also grill and bake.

This would be perfect for a small but busy family. It is easy enough to use that young children (12 to 14 years old) can start using it with minimal instructions. This is also a good way to give responsibilities to your kids.

How many times have you gone home and found that there’s no food ready and the children and hubby are due in 30 minutes or an hour? With the fryer’s capacity, you can whip up dinner just in time when they arrive and be able to do other small chores at the same time.


One advantage of the GoWise GW22621 air fryer is its touch screen controls. It is located front and center and is very visible. It is backlit so it’s easy to see even in low light conditions. It features 7 presets for fries/chips, meat, shrimp, cake, chicken, steak and fish.

You can also set the timer for up to 30 minutes and adjust the temperature from the controls.

The presets are very handy especially if you have no idea how long or at what temperature to cook a dish.


The cooking range for this fryer is from 175-400 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is similar to most fryers and suitable for most dishes. One advantage of the air fryer not having a higher maximum temperature is that it in turn gives out lesser heat.

A conventional oven may have more advantages for cooking but in a small space/kitchen or during summer the heat inside would be uncomfortable.


The unit is made out of plastic with the basket coated with a non stick film. There are issues however with the coating peeling off only after a few uses.

Cleaning is also easy because of the non stick coating.

There are 3 colors to choose from in the 3.7 qt capacity (black, chili red and plum) while you can have your choice from black, chili red and white in the 5.8 qt capacity.

Having an option of picking your unit’s color is a plus if you want to match it with your kitchen.

Note that the price changes with the color with the black 3.7 qt model having the lowest price.


Touch screen control
Temp range 175-400 F like in the manual

3.7 qt
1400 watt motor
Comes in 3 color choices (black, chili red, plum)
Dimension: 8.5x9x12 in
Weight 12 lbs

5.8 qt
1800 watt motor
Comes in 3 color choices (black, chili red, white)
Dimensions: 12×14.5×13.5 in
Weight: 14 lbs.

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The unit comes with the standard basket with non-stick coating.

There are accessories available separately if you find the need from them. See here on what’s available.


The fryer cooks good tasting food and is versatile. Many people are very satisfied with the results of their dishes. The touch screen controls makes it very easy and intuitive to use.

There are accessories available separately if you find the need from them. See here on what’s available.


The main issue I found for this air fryer is the peeling of the non stick- coating from the basket. While the coating is supposed to be food grade or safe for humans, I wouldn’t want me or any of my family members ingesting it.

There are also issues that the unit broke down easily and the basket does not lock in as easily as it should.


Overall, even with the issue of the coating peeling off the basket, consumers rate the GoWise GW22621 air fryer very highly.

Almost 60 percent from more than fifteen hundred users have given it the highest rating. Fourteen percent on the other hand gave it the lowest rating.


The air fryer is medium range priced and changes based on the color you choose. All in all, the price is reasonable in my opinion given the versatility, size and advanced control feature of the fryer.


The air fryer does what it promises with regards to creating good, healthy and tasty dishes fast and easily but the problem with the peeling coat is a bit much to overlook.

My research showed that that issue is very recent and there were no such problem when the unit first came out. There are also a few problems with the unit breaking down easily.

I don’t know if its because where its manufactured (China) has anything to do with the problem but with the number of problem incidents, it would make me think twice.

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