Philips XL Airfreyer HD9240/94 Review

Is this post I will be going over the Phillips XL Airfryer HD 9240/94. This is just one of the air fryer models available from Phillips.

They also have other collections like the Avance and Viva 9220 which you can know more here.


The Philips XL Air Fryer is one of the most popular air fryer around. It produces great tasting fried food and one owner even compared the chicken wings produced to restaurant quality.

It also boasts of a proprietary technology it calls ‘Starfish technology’. This technology allows the appliance to cook food more evenly than competing brands by circulating the air 360 degrees around the food.

Proprietary technology or not, users have gave high scores for the air fryer in terms of taste and results.


This model boasts of a 2.65 lb capacity cooking basket that is good for 4 persons. That would be equal to about 2 bags of French fries.

I’m really convinced about this because based on my research the basket looks and seems to have a bigger capacity than stated.

If you’re cooking chicken wings, you can fit 10-12 pieces easily but more depending on the size.

You’ll also be able to cook one whole medium chicken and some sides and still have some room left over.

Two 350-gram steaks cooked medium is no problem and are evenly browned on both side and ready in 12 minutes.


This particular model of Philips Air Fryer has a digital control located right at the front. It is easily accessible with clear markings.

You have controls for Power On/Off, Start/Stop, Star (Favorite), Timer and Temperature. Right in the middle clearly visible is the number indicator.

Note that the Star (Favorite) button is not actually a preset button. You need to program this for time and temperature. The advantage of this is that once you found the right setting for a favorite dish, you can just push the button to have the machine cook the food just like before. One drawback is that you can have only one preset program at a time.


The appliance has a temperature range of up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a little lower than some air fryers but then again good enough for most dishes.


Like other air fryers, this is also constructed in tough plastic. The casing is cool to the tough and you do not need any hand protection when pulling out the basket after cooking.

This is a big thing if like me you sometimes forget to put on gloves when getting freshly cooked food and end up with a mild burn in your hand.

The legs of the fryer have non slip coating to steady it on your counter and avoid accidents.

The 0.8 meter cord also has its own integrated housing to keep it out of the way when storing.

There are 2 color choices to choose from, Black or White with black being the more popular. Keep in mind that if you prefer a white unit it has a higher price than the black.


2100 watt motor
Voltage: 120 v
Automatic shut off
Cool wall exterior
Dishwasher safe
Ready signal
Temperature control of p to 390 degrees Fahrenheit
Recipe book and app
Integrated cord storage
Non slip feet
Patented rapid air
Preset cooking function
Timer control: 60 minutes
Cord length: 0.8 meters
Weight: 12 kg

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This appliance only comes with the standard dishwasher safe cooking basket.

Accessories are optional (grill pan and double layer rack with skewers) and can be bought separately.


The Philips Air Fryer XL is one of the original air fryers and the most popular. It is also endorsed by Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay which gives it credibility.

It produces delicious food and with its bigger capacity than most fryers is suitable for a bigger family.

What caught my attention is that they have an app available from the Google play store and Apple app store where you can access up to 150 recipes plus tips, videos, etc. This will come in handy if you are in a rush and don’t know what to prepare or just have a question about your machine.


Even with all its features this model is one, if not the highest, priced air fryer available today. It may do the job it is intended very well but there are comparable models that in my opinion cooks as well but at a lot cheaper price.


Overall, this model gets a nearly 90 percent approval rating with 7 out of 10 giving it the highest marks. However, 1 out of 10 gave it the lowest mark and their main complaint was the price.


Like I mentioned above, this model is high priced compared to other air fryers. It does do its job well but I would look at other models first before making any decision.


The Philips XL Airfryer HD9240/94 is a popular model and most users at very satisfied with its performance. The main objection is the much higher price compared to other fryers. If you really like a Philips brand machine, check out their other series like the Avance Collection or Viva Collection.

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