Rosewill RHAF-16003 Air Fryer Review

In this review I will be going over with you the Rosewill RHAF-16003 1700W Oil-Less Low Fat Air Fryer – 5.8 Quart.

We’ll cover how this model stacks up against other fyers and what makes it unique.


The Rosewill air fryer has plenty of positive reviews because of its ability to cook food fast and delicious.

It can fry, grill, roast and bake with the best of them but frying is its main suit. From French fries, egg rolls, chicken, patties, spring rolls, blooming onions even and chimichangas all come out nicely fried and ready to serve.

Even with its above average frying ability it also does a wonderful job in grilling and toasting sandwiches and steaks.

The machine can also cook frozen food out of the fridge and will save you time preparing food for your family. Same goes for heating leftovers which is a great cost saving feature.


This particular model has a capacity of 5.8 Quarts which would be good enough for 3-4 people without any problem. I noticed some say it’s not enough for 4 people but I would think that this is because some are bigger eaters than others.

The capacity should be good enough for 1 whole medium chicken and some sides without any problems. Chicken wings or around 13-15 (depending on the size) is also manageable with this capacity.

Please note there are 3 models for the Rosewill and the other two have a smaller capacity of 3.3 quarts. They have the same capacity but one has a knob control while the other use a digital touch control.


Temperature and cooking time are set via 2 control knobs at the front of the machine.

The top knob controls the temperature while the lower knob is for the timer.

On top of the knobs are the temperature and power indicators.

The knobs are easy to access and set. I have not comes across any issues with the size of the lettering which is the usual problems with analog controls.


The machine can be set from 170 to 400 degree Fahrenheit which is about the maximum for air fryers.

This temperature range is good enough to cook any dish you would want to serve.


The unit is made of hard plastic and comes only in black. The frying basket and frying tray are coated with Silicone resin non-stick and is dishwasher safe. I would recommend hand washing to preserve the coating. Either way, it is easy to clean and maintain.

There is a vent at the top rear of the machine for excess air and to be safe, make sure there is enough space between the machine and wall.

This unit also has non slip feet and handle lock for extra safety.


1700 watt motor
Dimension: 15×14.41×12.6 in
Weight 12 lbs
Voltage: 120 watts / 60 Hz
Weight: 19.84 lbs.
Color: black
Non slip feet
Handle lock system
Temperature: 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
Timer: 30 minutes

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This appliance comes with a recipe book but without any other accessories. You can buy an accessories hit separately if you intend to do more than frying with your machine.

The size is big enough that with extra accessories like a baking pan or double layer rack you will able to maximize your cooking.


This fryer produces good tasting fried food with less oil which is its main purpose. It does it that many find it equal to actual deep fried food.

I also like the bigger capacity of this unit from other air fryers I have looked at. It gives the flexibility of preparing enough food without doing a second batch.


The only complaint I can come up with this model is the lack of included accessories. This is no biggie as most air fryers do not come with them either. Good thing about that is that you have the choice to get some later on when you feel you need them and not fork out money initially and find out you don’t use them.


The Rosewill Air Fryer received the highest rating from almost 6.5 out of 10 users. The most common positive opinion is that appliance turn out great tasting fried dishes that a few compare to actual deep fried food.

Based on my research this it is a fair assessment and a great value for money.


This model of Rosewill is in the medium price range but considering its capacity, the price is reasonable in my opinion.

There are other air fryers in the same price range but will a smaller capacity.

The 3.3 quarts model (#15004) with the analog control is much cheaper if you feel you don’t need the bigger capacity.


All things considered, this is a solid fyer that will meet all your needs. You can have fried food without the oil and be able for use this for baking, roasting and grilling. You will need extra accessories but they are not required to get the most out of this appliance.

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