Secura 1500 Watt XL Capacity Air Fryer Review

Hi, in this post we’ll be going over the Secura Air Fryer and how it compares to others in its class. I’ll go over its features one by one and you’ll be able to see at the end if this fryer meets your needs or not.


The Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer is tops when producing great tasting dishes fast and hot. Its chicken comes out perfectly cooked being moist inside and crispy outside.

The appliance also does a good job in sealing in the juice in steaks while still be able to turn out perfect pizza and baked potatoes. One innovative way the people have been using the fryer is for re heating leftover food.

We all have leftovers and if time and budget won’t allow, it would be great to be able to turn them into something hot and delicious for a second round.


The air fryer has a capacity of 4 liters which can handle one large bag of tater tots, 2 boneless chicken breasts, two 6-oz sirloin steaks, one 2-lb pork loin or 12 chicken wings. These would be enough for 2-3 people per serving.

The capacity may not be enough for 4 or more but with the speed of cooking you’ll be able to whip up a second batch in no time.

They also use the term “hot air cooking method” which to me is just a fancy way of saying that the food is cooked by circulating hot air around the food.


The Secura air fryer has 2 control knobs right in front of the unit. The top one is the timer and can be set for up to 60 minutes. The bottom knob is for setting the temperature which goes up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are complaints that the knobs, especially the timer, are a bit wobbly. The numbering are also small and harder to read. If the numbers are hard to read, this may affect how exact you can place your settings.

There is also no actual power button and the timer acts as the off switch when it reaches zero. Once the timer reaches zero, the unit automatically shuts off. This would allow you to leave the fryer and do some other chore and be confident it’ll turn off when the cooking is done.


The air fryer has a maximum of 390 degrees Fahrenheit is and good enough for most dishes. Some fryers reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit but this is not a big deal.

One thing I like about the fryer is that it does not radiate much heat which means your kitchen will not get as hot, not like if you’re using a conventional oven. If you use this during summer or you’re from a warmer part of the country, this is a big consideration.

How many times have the heat in your kitchen forced you to get out of the area? Hotness or heat during cooking takes away the joy of preparing your dish and makes it more of a chore.


The unit is made from plastic with a non-stick coated basket. Cleans easy and is dishwasher safe.

The actual unit does not get hot and don’t diffuse heat to its the surroundings.


Hot Air Cooking Method
Timer length: 60 minute timer
Motor: 1500 watts
4 liter basket capacity
Added accessories
Voltage: 120 volts/60 hz
Cord length 3 ft 8 in
Temperature range: 180-390 degrees Fahrenheit
Dimensions: 16×14.5×14 in
Weight: 10.7 lbs
Frying basket dimensions: 7-3/4 x 8-1/4 x 3-3/4 in

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The Secura Air Fryer comes included with toaster rack and skewers. They also mention that recipes are included but actually this is not a separate cook book but included in the manual.

The included accessories make your fryer more versatile and (as of this writing) there is no option to buy only the unit.


The unit turns out food fast and healthier. It does the job as good or better that most other air fryers.

Though there are a few grievances on the fryer having no power switch but the automatic turn off feature can be favorable to those who try to multitask while cooking.


The main issue is the small lettering and wobbly construction of the dials. It does not show up often but this affects only those who have difficulty reading small print. This may be a deal breaker for some but not all.

Having no choice of ordering the unit only without the accessories may also turn off a few people but with the added accessories you’ll be able to prepare more dishes faster and easily.

One thing going for the Secura and a thing I like is the automatic shut off feature when the timer reaches zero. I like the option to leave the air fryer and be able to do other things and not worry getting back on time to shut it down. This will give me peace of mind and not worry about any possible accident especially with my kids running around the house.


This air fryer gets top rating from almost 8 out of 10 consumers. This is one of the highest rating I’ve encountered so far and think it is fair.


Because the unit comes with accessories, this bumps up the price a bit. However, the included accessories make the Fryer more versatile and if you see up front that you’ll need or will be using the accessories included then the price is pretty reasonable.


All things considered, the Secura 4-Liter Electric Hot Air Fryer is a good fryer and meets all the criteria I’ve set out. Cooks crispy chicken and fries and keeps the juice and moisture in and the oil out.

The capacity is good enough for 2-3 people but if you need to prepare for more, you’ll need a bigger capacity one.

This would be perfect for your kid who is off to college as he can cook healthy food and you’ll have one less thing to worry about. He’ll also be able to re heat leftovers to save some of his money.

The issue with the knobs/dial can affect people differently depending on each individual situation. I need glasses to read and don’t want to bother fumbling for them when I set the machine.

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